The Causes for Patchy Facial Hair Growth and the Best solutions

One of the main signs of masculinity is having facial hair. And that is why men in many cultures all over the world have been keeping their beards. Having a beard also makes one attractive. Only a beard that is well and fully grown is good. There are some men that do not have a full beard. This is evidenced by having patchy facial hair. That patchy facial hair means is that your bead has grown in patches. This can be the cause for the loss of self-esteem. There are numerous reasons for patchy facial hair. Some of the causes are simple enough to be fixed by buying vitamins to help facial hair growth. You will first have to know the cause before you buy anything like vitamins to help facial hair growth.

your genes could be the cause of your patchy facial hair. In this situation, any vitamins to help facial hair growth will not be useful at all. Reason being, the genes you have are the ones that have been passed along to you. You can be able to tell whether this is the cause or not by having a look at other men older than you in your family.

Your age could also be the reason why you have patchy facial hair growth. No baby is ever born with a full-grown beard. The timeline for growing a beard is when you are at puberty until the time you are almost thirty. Sometimes you could have patchy facial hair because you are still young. You will need to be patient until you are grown enough if your age is the factor. In order to increase the rate you grow your beard you could use vitamins to help facial hair growth

In the event, you have a hormone imbalance you could also have patchy facial hair. There could be low levels of the beard hormone hence resulting in patchy facial hair due to hormone imbalance. If you have this, it means that your patchy facial hair is a result of that. One thing that will for sure not help the situation is vitamins to help facial hair growth. You re required to take some medicine.

The last cause for patchy facial hair growth is the medication that you are taking. Having patchy facial hair is among the many side effects that some medicines have. Before you choose to stop the medication you should get the opinion of your doctor. Luckily vitamins to help facial hair growth are not classified as being medicine. This article has just shown that there are numerous reasons why you could get to patchy facial hair.

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