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The business world has continued to boom on a day to day basis around the world, thus resulting in the growth of the global economy, and this has been contributed by a rise in the number of entrepreneurs. In the process of business creation and growth, there is a range of risks involved, hence the reason why the entrepreneurs have to identify and manage all the risks for a successful creation and growth of businesses. Venturing into a new form of business might not be a very easy thing at first considering the many complex legal procedures that you are required to follow, hence the reason why you need to seek help from a professional lawyer practicing corporate law. In case you want to start a new form entrepreneurship in South Africa, one of the most important things that you need to consider is seeking help from professionals like Eitan Neishlos and others who can guide you on how to go about the entire process. At the age of 41, Eitan Neishlos has managed to become a co-founder of the Resonance group of companies. With many job vacancies provided by the Resonance Australia, the number of people applying and qualifying for these jobs is high, thus resulting in an improvement of their living standards which is actually one of the major roles of the entrepreneurship in the economic growth.

Entrepreneurship is not a field that can accommodate anyone as the entrepreneurs have to portray a number of unique characteristics which have helped Eitan Neishlos in his or her entrepreneurial roles. One of the key things that Eitan Neishlos has proved is that he is a very innovative and creative corporate attorney. The other thing that Eitan Neishlos proves as an entrepreneur is hard work and this can be best proved by his zeal for venturing in entrepreneurship. The other very crucial entrepreneurial characteristic that Eitan Neishlos has portrayed is the ability to motivate himself and get what he wants. Many multinational organizations that Eitan Neishlos has worked in have significantly grown on a day to day basis due to the professional management skills and the impact that Eitan Neishlos left in them. Having worked in a number of entrepreneurial firms or enterprises with a number of technological approaches, Eitan Neishlos has gained more skills and knowledge on how to improve the quality of products and services as well as the processes through creativity. Having graduated with degree in Corporate law from the University of Johannesburg and having worked for more than ten years, Eitan Neishlos has become one of the most demanded corporate attorneys by many entrepreneurships when venturing in their new enterprises or when in need of legal representation in the court of law.

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