The idea of Cloud computing refer to several application or services all over the internet and the combination of system software and hardware that are responsible to provide those services and application. This combination of hardware and software is known as cloud or internet. Cloud computing is basically a new technology that is becoming more and more popular in last few years. Basically it is virtualization technology in which various distributed computer systems are connected together in order to form or make a big virtual computer system which can easily manage the computation and large amount of data.

This virtual technology makes it possible that each computer system appear as a separate computation machine allowing users to install operating system and software on each separate physical machine and the user can also configure or set rules for each and every node. The concept of cloud computing is basically evolved from the concept of distributed computing, parallel processing and grid computing. According to a study, the data is no longer available on the one’s personal computer system but are hosted to be accessible at any time in any location.

This process is attractive and irresistible. Basically it is an opportunity to access several IT resources more efficiently and effectively. The idea of data storage on internet is really amazing but to keep data secured all the time high security is required. This type of approach is described as an It consumption pattern which relies on several resources. This technology in IT generation offer more effective and efficient approach to access the IT tasks. All internet based applications are delivered through the third party resources, mixture of private and public clouds and internal resources.

There is a consensus that this technology has many advantages, but the businesses are not totally committed to spend in cloud computing services and applications because of the regulation, security and management of the data and resources. According to 2009 survey, only 59 % of the businesses were familiar with the concept of Cloud Computing.

It is a collaborative environment for the employees so that they can access the various shared resources from any location. All users seem to be very comfortable with accessing shared resources and documents that are stored in the cloud machine. This was all about cloud computing technology. All the features of cloud computing are the requirement of an individual and businesses that are searching for the deducting the cost.